Notebook Battery DELL WD52H, 6000mAh, Extra Digital Selected Pro

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Sobivus Extra Digital Selected Pro Notebook Battery DELL WD52H, 6000mAh.
 Features: Standard size battery made from a new generation of standard lithium polymer (li-poly) cells. High quality, balanced parameters and increased capacity cells ensure that the battery can be charged up to 600 times. Provides the necessary security and efficiency, no memory effect. Good choice for customers who appreciate optimal value for money. Due to the lower weight of the batteries, it is especially convenient to use the computer away from the mains.
 Compatible computer models: Dell Latitude E7240 (WD52H). Dell Latitude E7250.
 Compatible part numbers: GVD76. WD52H. KWFFN. NCVF0. W57CV. 0W57CV. J31N7. HJ8KP. VFV59. 451-BBFX. 451-BBFW.
 Specifications: Capacity: 6000mAh Element type: Li-poly. Voltage: 7.4 V.
 Warranty: 12 months.
 Manufacturer: Extra Digital.
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