Notebook Battery ACER AP13J3K 4000mAh, Original

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Tootja ACER
Sobivus The optimum capacity of original notebook batteries is made of the highest quality components that protect the battery from overheating or overload and ensure long battery life.  The battery is suitable for the following computer models: Chromebook C720-2103 Chromebook C720-2420 Chromebook C720-2482 Chromebook C720-2653 Chromebook C720-2697 Chromebook C720-2800 Chromebook C720-2802 Chromebook C720-2827 Chromebook C720-2832 Chromebook C720-2844 Chromebook C720-2848 Chromebook C720-29552G01AII Chromebook C720-3404 Chromebook C720-3445 Chromebook C720-3605 Chromebook C720-3871 Chromebook C720P-2457 Chromebook C720P-2485 Chromebook C720P-2600 Chromebook C720P-2625 Chromebook C720P-2657 Chromebook C720P-2661 Chromebook C720P-2664 Chromebook C720P-2666 Chromebook C720P-2677 Chromebook C720P-2834 Chromebook C720P-2848 Chromebook C720P Chromebook C720  The battery is suitable for use instead of these battery models: AP13J3K(31CP5/67/90) AP13J3K AP13J4K(31CP5/65/88) AP13J4K KT.00303.001 KT.00304.001  Technical specification: Capacity: 45 Wh Element type: Li-Po Voltage: 11.25 V Color: black  Notes: The list of compatible batteries and computers may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.  Warranty: 6 months  Manufacturer: Acer 
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