Notebook battery ACER AP13B3K, 3500mAh, Original

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Sobivus Li-pol notebook batteries opens up new mobility and usage possibilities of your devices. These batteries are manufactured using new, high-quality, balanced features, rechargalbe cells that ensures the longest battery life and maximum capacity. These batteries do not have "memory effect," so they can be recharged at any time convenient for the user.The battery is suitable for the following computer models:M5-583 M5-583P M5-583P-5859 M5-583P-6423M5-583P-6428 M5-583P-6637 M5-583P-9688ZQI ZQK ZQY ZRQ ZRlR7-571 R7-571G R7-571G-53338G75assR7-572R7-572G R7-571 R7-571-53334G75assR7-571-53336G50assR7-571-6411R7-571-6455 R7-571-6858 R7-571-6895 R7-571G R7-571G-53338G1TassR7-571G-53338G75ass R7-572 R7-572-54204G50ass R7-572-54208G75assR7-572-5893 R7-572-6411 R7-572-6423 R7-572-6448 R7-572-6637 R7-572-6805R7-572GE15E15E15.6"ES1-511ES1-512ES1-512-C88M V5-452V5-452G V5-452P V5-452PGV5-472 V5-472G V5-472P V5-472PG V5-472-2625V5-473 V5-473G V5-473G-54204G50AII V5-473G-54204G50APP V5-473G-6814,V5-473PV5-552 V5-552GV5-552P V5-552PGV5-573 V5-573G V5-573P V5-573PGV7-481 V7-481G V7-481PV7-481PGV7-482 V7-482PV7-482P-34014G52Tii V7-482PGV7-581 V7-581G V7-581P V7-581PGV7-582 V7-582g V7-582p The battery is suitable for use instead of these battery models:41CP6/60/78KT.00403.01 TIS 2217-2548KT.00403.013 KT.00403.015 KT.00403.018KT.00403.035 KT.0040G.001 Technical specification:Capacity: 3500 mAhElement type: Li-PolVoltage: 15 VNotes: The list of compatible batteries and computers may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.Warranty: 12 monthsManufacturer: Acer
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