LCD Screen 14.0" 1920x1080 FHD, IPS, SLIM, matte, 30 pin (right), A+

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Sobivus Matrica 14.0" 1920x1080 FHD, IPS, SLIM, matinė, 30 pin (right), A+. 
Model: NV140FHM-N4T.
Compatible part numbers:BOE:NV140FHM-N47.NV140FHM-N4T.N140HCE-G52 Rev C1.
AU Optronics:B140HAN03.2 HW0A.B140HAN04.6 HW0A.B140HAN05.6 HW0A.B140HTN02.2 HW0A.B140HAN05.3 HW0A.B140HAN06.1 HW0A.B140HAN06.3 HW0A.B140HAN06.3 HW1A.B140HAN06.4 HW0A.B140HAN06.4 HW1A B140HAN05.A HWAA.B140HAN05.3.
Dell: DP/N 6HY1W.06HY1W.0HN4TM.
Notes: the list of compatible models may not be complete. In case of doubt, always ask a consultant for advice.
Specifications:Screen size: 14.0".Screen type: SLIM.Resolution: 1920x1080 FULL HD.Screen top: matte.Lighting_ LEDConnection type: 30pin / right.
Warranty: 6 months.
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