LCD screen 10.1" 1024x600, LED, SLIM, glossy, 40pin (right), A+

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Tootja AUO
Ekraan 10.1
Sobivus Laptop screen 10.1 "1024 × 600, LED, SLIM, glossy, 40pin (right), A +  Model : B101AW06  Compatibility:  AU Optronics : B101AW02, B101AW06 V.0, B101AW06 V.1, B101AW06 V.2, B101AW06 V.3, B101AW06 V.4 BOE : BA101WS1-100 Chi Mei : N101L6-L0D, N101L6-L0C, N101LGE-L41 Chunghwa : CLAA101NB03A Hannstar : HSD101PFW4, HSD101PHW3 Ivo : M101NWT2 R3 LG Philips : LP101WSB (TL) (N1), LP101WSB (TL) (P2), LP101WSB-TLN1, LP101WSB-TLP2 Samsung : LTN101NT05, LTN101NT08, LTN101NT09  The list of compatible models may not be complete.  Technical Finns:  Screen diagonal: 10.1 " Screen type: SLIM Screen resolution: 1024x600 Screen surface: glossy Lighting_ LED Connection type: 40pin / right side  Warranty: 6 months
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