Keyboard HP 250 G6, 255 G6, 256 G6, 258 G6, 15-BS with backlight (US)

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Tootja HP
Sobivus Notebook keyboard for HP 250 G6, 255 G6, 256 G6, 258 G6 with backlight.
 Compatible with:  HP 15-BS series. HP 15-BW series. HP 15T-BR series. HP 15T-BS series. HP 17-AK series. HP 17-BS series. HP 250 G6 series. HP 255 G6 series. HP 256 G6 Series. HP 258 G6 series. HP Pavilion 250 G6. HP Pavilion 255 G6. HP Pavilion 256 G6. HP Pavilion 258 G6. HP 15-BS020WM. HP 15-BS028CY. HP 15-BS0XX. HP 250 G6 (2RC08PA). HP Pavillion 15-BS020WM. HP 15-bs020wm. HP 15-bs070wm. HP 15-bs091ms. HP 15-bs095ms. HP 17t-bs000. HP 17z-ak000. HP 17z-ar000.  HP 17g-br000.  HP 17q-bu000.
 Compatible part numbers: 9Z.NE1BW.101. 926560-001. 9Z.NC8SC.A01. 929906-001. 856035-001. 856036-001. 925008-001. 925010-001. 925009-001. AM204000100. AM204000681. AP204000E00. AP204000600. AP204000610. TPN-C129. TPN-C130.
 Notes: the list of compatible models may be not complete.
 Specifications: Type: US. Color: black.
 Warranty: 6 months.
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