Notebook battery, LENOVO SB10F46466, 3290 mAh

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Sobivus Li-ion notebook batteries opens up new mobility and usage possibilities of your devices. These batteries are manufactured using new, high-quality, balanced features, rechargalbe cells that ensures the longest battery life and maximum capacity. These batteries do not have "memory effect," so they can be recharged at any time convenient for the user.Unique microcontrollers used in batteries: - Protects the battery from overload, overheating and ignition;- Optimizes the discharge settings to maximize battery capacity;- Ensures device safety during both heavy load and standby mode.The battery is suitable for the following computer models:ThinkPad X1 Carbon 2016:20FB-A009CD20FB-A00ACD20FB-A00DCD20FB-A00XCD20FB-A010CD20FB-A011CD20FB-A01MCD20FB-A01YCD20FB-A05VCD20FB-A06UCD20FC-A0C0CDThinkPad X1 Carbon 4th:20FB-001XAU20FB-0029AU20FB-002MAU20FB-A003AU20FB-A004AU20FC-000FAU20FC-0015AU20FC-001DAU20FC-001VAU20FC-001WAU20FC-0023AU20FC-0029AU20FC-A00B00)20FC-A00CAU20FC-S00Y0120FC-S05700ThinkPad X1 Yoga:20FQ-000VAU20FQ-001PAU20FQ-002JAU20FQ-CTO1WW20FQA00HCD20FQA01NCD20FR-000BAU20FR-0017AU20FR-001DAU20FR-001LAU20FR-001SAU20FR-0024AU20FR-0025AU20FR-0026AU20FR-002EAU20FR-002VAU20FR-002WAThe battery is suitable for use instead of these original battery models:SB10F46466 00HW028-4S1P01AV438 01AV439 01AV441SB10F4646700HW028 00HW029Technical specification:Capacity: 3290 mAhElement type: Li-ionVoltage: 15.2 VColor: blackNotes: The list of compatible batteries and computers may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.Warranty: 6 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital
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