Notebook battery, LENOVO L16M2PB1 Original

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Sobivus Original notebook battery LENOVO L16M2PB1.    Original: * Standard size battery made from original lithium polymers or new cells of lithium ions. * The highest quality, balanced parameter cells ensure battery charging up to 600 times. * Ensures the longest battery life and maximum capacity, do not have "memory effect". * Good choice for customers who appreciate highest quality and safety standards.    The battery is suitable for the following computer models: LENOVO IdeaPad  320-14ABR 320-17ISK 330-15IGM-81D1 330-15IKB 330-15IKB TOUCH-81DH 330-15IKB-81DC00SWGE 520-15IKBR 520-15IKBR 81BF00BAGE 520-15IKBR-81BF008MMH  V14-ADA-82C6006RGE V14-ARE-82DQ V15-ADA-82C70062GE V15-ADA-82C70081GE V15-ADA-82C700AWGE V15-IIL-82C5 V15-IIL-82C500GCGE  The battery is suitable for use instead of these battery models: L16M2PB1 L16M2PB3L17 L2PF1 L16S2PB2  L16C2PB2 L16L2PB3 L16M2PB2L16 L2PB2  Notes: The list of compatible batteries and computers may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.  Technical specification: Capacity: 4000 mAh Element type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.5V   Warranty 12 months  Manufacturer: Lenovo  Important information! Waste batteries and accumulators must be discard to special containers marked with a battery and/or accumulator collection mark.
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