Notebook battery, LENOVO L13M4P71 Original

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Sobivus The optimum capacity of original notebook batteries is made of the highest quality components that protect the battery from overheating or overload and ensure long battery life.  The battery is suitable for these computer models: Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y70(F) Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y71 Yoga 3 PRO Yoga 3 Pro 1370 Yoga 3 Pro-1370 80HE Yoga 3 Pro-5Y71 Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y51 Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y70 Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y70(D) Yoga 3 Pro-I5Y70(L)  Technical specification: Capacity: 44 Wh Cells type: Li-ion Voltage: 7.6 V Color: black __________________________ Warranty: 6 months. Manufacturer: Lenovo
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