Notebook battery, DELL M5Y1K Original

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Sobivus The optimum capacity of original notebook batteries is made of the highest quality components that protect the battery from overheating or overload and ensure long battery life.The battery is suitable for the following computer models:Dell Inspiron 14-3451.Dell Inspiron 14-3452.Dell Inspiron 14-3458.Dell Inspiron 14-3462.Dell Inspiron 14-3465.Dell Inspiron 14-3467.Dell Inspiron 14-5000.Dell Inspiron 14-5451.Dell Inspiron 14-5455.Dell Inspiron 14-5458.Dell Inspiron 14-5459.Dell Inspiron 15-3451.Dell Inspiron 15-3551.Dell Inspiron 15-3552.Dell Inspiron 15-3555.Dell Inspiron 15-3558.Dell Inspiron 15-3559.Dell Inspiron 15-3565.Dell Inspiron 15-3567.Dell Inspiron 15-3568.Dell Inspiron 15-5000.Dell Inspiron 15-5551.Dell Inspiron 15-5552.Dell Inspiron 15-5555.Dell Inspiron 15-5558.Dell Inspiron 15-5559.Dell Inspiron 17-5755.Dell Inspiron 17-5758.Dell Inspiron 17-5759.Dell Inspiron 3451.Dell Inspiron 3452.Dell Inspiron 3458.Dell Inspiron 3462.Dell Inspiron 3465.Dell Inspiron 3467.Dell Inspiron 3551.Dell Inspiron 3552.Dell Inspiron 3558.Dell Inspiron 3565.Dell Inspiron 3567.Dell Inspiron 5451.Dell Inspiron 5452.Dell Inspiron 5455.Dell Inspiron 5458.Dell Inspiron 5551.Dell Inspiron 5552.Dell Inspiron 5555.Dell Inspiron 5558.Dell Inspiron 5559.Dell Inspiron 5755.Dell Inspiron 5758.Dell Inspiron N3451.Dell Latitude 3460.Dell Latitude 3470.Dell Latitude 3560.Dell Latitude 3570.Dell Vostro 14-3458.Dell Vostro 14-3459.Dell Vostro 15-3358.Dell Vostro 15-3558.Dell Vostro 15-3559.Dell Vostro 3458.Dell Vostro 3459.Dell Vostro 3468.Dell Vostro 3558.Dell Vostro 3559.Dell Vostro 3561.Dell Vostro 3568.The battery is suitable for use instead of these battery models:GXVJ3HD4J0K185W WKRJ2 VN3N0 451-BBMG Technical specification:Capacity: 40 WhElement type: Li-ionVoltage: 14.8 VColor: blackNotes: The list of compatible batteries and computers may not be complete. In case of doubt, always consult a consultant.Warranty: 6 monthsManufacturer: Extra Digital
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