Notebook Battery APPLE A1527, 5300mAh, Extra Digital Selected Pro

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Sobivus Extra Digital Selected Pro notebook battery APPLE A1527, 5300mAh, 7.6V, 40.28Wh.
 Features Standard size battery made from the new generation lithium polymer (li-poly) cells.High quality, balanced parameters and increased capacity cells ensure that the battery can be charged up to 600 times.Provides the necessary security and efficiency, no memory effect.Good choice for customers who appreciate optimal value for money. Due to the lower weight of the battery the notebook is more comfortable for unplugged usage.

Compatible with the following computer models:MacBook 12" Retina A1527 (2015).MacBook 12" Retina A1534 (2015).MacBook 12” Retina A1534 (Early 2015).MacBook 12” Retina A1534 (Early 2016).MacBook 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2746).MacBook 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2991).MacBook 12” Retina A1534(EMC 3099).MacBook 12” Retina A1534 (Mid 2017).MacBook 12” Retina MF855LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MF855LL/A*.MacBook 12” Retina MF865LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MF865LL/A*.MacBook 12” Retina MLHA2LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MLHA2LL/A*.MacBook 12” Retina MLHC2LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MLHC2LL/A*.MacBook 12” Retina MNYF2LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MNYF2LL/A*.MacBook 12” Retina MNYG2LL/A.MacBook 12” Retina MNYG2LL/A*.MacBook Air 12” Retina A1534 (Early 2015).MacBook Air 12” Retina A1534 (Early 2016).MacBook Core I5 1.3GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 3099).MacBook Core I7 1.4GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 3099).MacBook Core M 1.1GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2746).MacBook Core M 1.2GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2746).MacBook Core M 1.3GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2746).MacBook Core M3 1.1GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2991).MacBook Core M3 1.2GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 3099).MacBook Core M5 1.2GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2991).MacBook Core M7 1.3GHZ 12” Retina A1534(EMC 2991).MF855.MF855C/A.MF855LL/A.MF855LL/A*.MF865LL/A.MJY32.MJY32LL/A.MJY42LL/A.MK4M2.MK4M2LL/A.MK4N2LL/A.MLH72LL/A.MLH82LL/A.MLHA2LL/A.MLHA2LL/A*.MLHC2LL/A.MLHC2LL/A*.MLHE2LL/A.MLHF2LL/A.MMGL2LL/A.MMGM2LL/A.MNYF2LL/A.MNYF2LL/A*.MNYG2LL/A.MNYG2LL/A*.
The battery is suitable for use instead of these battery models:A1527.A1534(EMC 2746).A1534(EMC 2991).A1534(EMC 3099).A1705.
Notes: Please check your laptop’s battery part number first to ensure you are searching for the correct battery. The list of compatible batteries and computers may be not complete. In case of doubt, always ask a consultant for advice.
Technical specification:Capacity: 40.28 Wh. Element type: Li-poly.Voltage: 7.6 V.
Warranty 12 months.
Manufacturer: Extra Digital.
Important information! Waste batteries and accumulators must be disposed of into specially marked containers.
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